Commission: Custom Instagram Highlight Icons

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Project Details

Project type: Custom Icon Design

Date: 2019

Hours: 10

The project was to create 5 custom instagram story highlights for the client to showcase their favorite instagram stories and moments.


On Instagram:


My process for this project was to:

1. Understand Purpose and Client's Intentions

Instagram Highlights are used to showcase the Instagram User's favorite moments in a curated reel. Typically, photos are used as highlight icons.

The client wanted a better way to unify the aesthetics of his Instagram page, and therefore decided to commission 4 custom highlight icons to showcase his favorite moments: family, vacation, couple, and etc.

2. Alignment on Design and Intents

In order to align on the design of the icons, sketches were created and sent to the client for review. We have decided that it was also important to not have many small details on the highlight icons since the highlights are quite small.

The client did request 4 icon designs, however, I decided to include an extra (free) icon for 'Food' after discussion with the client about his favorite activities.

3. Create Flats

Flats were created for the client. It became clear with the preferred designs and colors, that there were still too many details in the icons, therefore making it hard to focus on the main elements.

4. Final Design

For the final design, we made the main character more readable against the background by decreasing the readability of the background elements. This allows for the icons to still have the appropriate contexts that the client likes but still showcases the client's character.


(Left) has no Highlights, while (Right) has Highlights


If you would love to have your own custom Instagram highlight icons or need other design work, feel free to reach out.